How it works


Browse our enormous library of more than 2000 tracks and 70.000 sounds with intuitive search features and filters.


Collect music and sound in your own neatly tied custom bundle. Put together your scenes online and share your project with others.


Take home only what you love - immediately as download. No registration. No subscription plans. No file hassle. 100% risk free.

Need more? Round off your bundle with uniqueness!

Our Audio's DNA

By professional sound designers and composers

Handcrafted by professional
sound designers and composers

Download as 48kHz / 16-bit WAV files

Download as 48kHz / 16-bit WAV files

Drag and drop

Prepared for easy drag’n’drop usage

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You are free to design the perfect audio bundle exactly for your needs:  Keep total control over your project – or hand it over to our experts – it's up to you!

Expedient stock assets can do the workload, whereas outstanding custom-made ones complement it to an efficient and creative audio solution!


Our experience as Europe's Market Leader for Game Audio with over 2300 diverse projects (Dynamedion) and as second largest sound effect library provider on the planet (BOOM Library) guarantees you only the best audio products and services; proven in the highly contested, worldwide creative market!


Get our assets in highest quality for free for your unpublished prototypes and pitches - without any financial risk! When you publish later, keep and licence only, what you love. Just collect what you need and contact us.

If you're a student, you can use our massive catalogue completely for free, as long as your project matches our "License S" and is not commercial. 

About "We Love Indies"

Andreas Hammann

Together with the amazing teams of Dynamedion (Europe's largest game music studio)  and the famous BOOM Library, we built this special indie game audio platform. Here on WeLoveIndies, developers can put together great sounds and music for their games, share their projects, organize scenes and much more...

Our goal was to create a handy and useful online tool for all game developers to find, bundle, share and download everything you need to create a well sounding game. Without any file hussle, registrations or financial risks. 

We would be also delighted to share our expertise with you and your project.  Benefit from our unbeatable indie rates, our non-negotiable quality standards and our experienced team that does nothing but creating audio concepts, writing music and designing sound – full of passion – the whole day long. If you want us to do a free check of your game audio, just write us - thats all it needs! :-)



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